12 Useful Apps for Healthcare Professionals

On the Apple Market there are approximately 118 recommended apps available for Healthcare Professionals. They range from apps that focus on Medical Education to apps that physicians can recommend to patients. The following are 12 apps, we’ve hand-selected that Healthcare Professionals might find particularly useful.

healthcare mobile device apps

For learning and keeping your knowledge updated on anatomy, we recommend:

1. Human Anatomy Atlas (formerly titled Visible Body 3D Human Anatomy Atlas 2)

According to professionals, the Human Anatomy Atlas “is the most robust human anatomy learning and teaching app on the market”. It includes more than 3,400 anatomical structures in 3D and includes models that are both female and male. Users can rotate freely, view different combinations of anatomy, and even zoom in and out. Their latest version includes animations as well.

2. Muscle System Pro III

This app is considered a standard learning reference tool for students and medical professionals, and is used by most universities. It includes 425 audio pronunciations, 548 isolated muscles, and 548 muscles Insertion and Origin maps, as well as 215 movement animations. It even allows you to toggle between muscles and their attachment points to the bone.

3. Heart Murmur Pro – The Heart Sound Database

This is considered the ultimate heart sound learning tool. It has 23 different heart sounds and what each means, as well as information on where the sound is heard best, physical examination findings, treatment options and links to other sources.
For hospital care, we recommend:

4. AirStrip – Patient Monitoring

AirStrip is an impressive remote patient monitoring system. It connects physicians to patients anywhere there’s access to cellular or Wi-Fi connection. It can pull information from hundreds of different types of patient monitors and ECG machines, as well as a variety of other clinical information from your facility’s electronic medical record (EMR).

5. Cerner Physician Express

This app creates quick access to clinical information and submit orders. Providers can quickly view patients’ current and outstanding orders and access comprehensive clinical information such as abnormalities, vitals, medications, allergies, and diagnoses.

6. Nursing Central

Nursing central helps nurses and students find detailed information on procedures, tests, drugs, and diseases. It allows instant access to a database of 5,000 drugs, a medical dictionary with 60,000 entries, as well as the latest information on diseases. It also allows you to upload nursing journals directly to your device.

7. NurseTabs: MedSurg

This application allows new nurses and nursing students to search for over 340 common diseases and disorders. Unlike Nursing Central, it separates the diseases by body system. It also includes treatment processes, and other useful information related to diagnosing and treating each disease.

8. MediBabble Translator

This is a free, professional-grade medical translation tool designed to improve quality of care for non-English speaking patients.

Finally, the following are great apps to recommend to patients:

9. Food Diary and Calorie Tracker by MyNetDiary HD

Food Diary and Calorie Tracker offers a food entry journal with over 510,000 foods, a built in barcode scanner, and a PhotoFoods service (if a food item is not in the database, you can send photos and they will update the food for you). It helps patients track their food intake and even works off-line. When internet connection is available, it will sync to MyNetDiary’s cloud.

10. Cancer.Net Mobile

This app includes up-to-date guides on 120 types of cancer. It includes information about each cancer’s treatment, how to manage side effects, and the cost of care and living with cancer. It helps patients keep track of questions to ask doctors and save information about prescribed medications. It also tracks the time and severity of symptoms and side effects.

11. ZocDoc- Doctor Appointments Online

This app allows patients to find and book doctor appointments in minutes. First they enter their zip code and their insurance information. It then reveals a list of compatible doctors and their availability.

12. WebMD Pain Coach

This app is a mobile companion to help patients through daily health and wellness choices to enable them to better manage their chronic pain. It offers physician-reviewed tips related to their specific condition and even delivers advice for daily pain management. The WebMD Pain Coach puts patients in control of their lifestyle choices so they can review patterns and better understand triggers, set goals and share their progress with their physician.

Are there apps you find useful that we missed? Feel free to share them by commenting below! If you’re looking for a Las Vegas medical meeting facility, visit us online for a virtual tour of the space we have to offer.

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