5 Trends in Medical Continuing Education

2015 is already shaping up to be a great year for medical CE. Our prediction is instructors will continue to strive for a learning experience that incorporates technology in new and innovative ways while offering courses that are student centered and flexible. The following brief summaries are popular trends we expect will continue to gain momentum throughout the year.

trends in medical continuing education

1. Make time for students to interact with one another

CE Students stand to gain more by meaningful interaction with their peers. These interactions are important because they allow students to gain valuable collaboration experience.

2. Create student-directed learning opportunities

Complex problems and questions are prevalent continuing education courses. Student-directed opportunities are highly valuable because they give students practice understanding and solving complex problems.

3. Use technology to make learning more interactive

The use of quality interactive online tools has the potential to change the way continuing education is offered. This interactive technology allows students to gain hands-on learning experience.

4. Students need to feel supported

Support services are crucial to program participants’. Students who are offered guided manuals or accessible educators will benefit the most from their CE courses.

For a continuing education program to flourish, flexibility is key. Offering students a variety of self-paced and guided sessions allows for a richer and more diverse learning environment.

Medical continuing education has the ability to give physicians the knowledge and tools to better help their patients. For more information, call the Oquendo Center at (702) 739-6698 today.