CME Found to be Effective and Safe

Continuing medical education is an important tool that helps healthcare professionals stay up to date on the latest technologies, procedures and trainings to better serve patient needs. But a couple common perceptions of CME have made these necessary courses not as vital in the public’s eye as they are in reality. With some people believing that CME does not aid in improved physician performance and patient outcomes or that these classes are biased towards commercial support systems, find out why both of these beliefs couldn’t be further from the truth.

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CME helping doctors and patients

In a report from the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education, research shows that continuing medical education does have a positive impact on the performance of healthcare professionals and the health outcomes of patients. Looking at the most effective forms of CME, it was shown that people in the healthcare industry benefit greatly from focusing on practice-based needs and methods for treatments that directly impact the health outcomes of patients. Additionally, it was proven that CME is most sufficient when trainings are continuous. Rather than a one-time event, continuing medical education best serves healthcare professionals when multiple training sessions are regular and repeated.

Commercial bias in CME

In another study conducted by the ACCME, researches found little to no commercial support or bias from companies hoping to influence continuing medical education. Studies show that commercially supported CME did not display any biased information, relying on evidence and accurate content for data. Physicians themselves perceive a lack of commercial bias in CME activities, with only three to five percent of educational information being influenced by commercial sources. These percentages feature the same levels of bias for CME activities that were not supported commercially.

With more medical professionals pushing for rigorous scientific approaches to researching the effects of CME, a need for results-based findings are becoming more apparent. It remains to be seen what continuing medical education will look like in the future, but studies show that a reliance on evidence-based research and solutions are likely to see more of an impact.

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