Las Vegas May Soon Become a Hotspot for Medical Tourism

Las Vegas is uniquely positioned to host a thriving medical tourism industry, thanks to high quality medical care, well known attractions and comfortable resorts where patients can recuperate. The city’s Convention and Visitors Authority has recognized how much the valley has to offer patients and providers, adding a medical tourism sales manager to their staff. Now, medical supply and equipment companies are watching the Las Vegas area to see what’s developing.

las vegas medical tourism

Medical tourism started as a movement among patients in developed countries to seek less expensive or more experimental care, outside their home nations. While many Americans are wary of overseas healthcare, they have realized the benefits of having a procedure done away from home. These advantages include: privacy, specialized care not available in their hometown and the chance to add on a mini vacation.

The new medical tourism sales manager at the Visitors Authority will be working with a group of doctors, determined to see the growth of medical tourism in the area by concentrating on quality of care. People already love coming to Las Vegas, so it’s easy to imagine combining a procedure or appointment with a weekend getaway if they know they can receive specialized care.

One doctor in Germany has several patients from the Middle East, where healthcare is inconsistent. This doctor suggests bringing along family members to tour the city before checking in for a two-day annual physical. Since Las Vegas boasts renowned physicians working in world class centers, including The Nevada Spine Institute and the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, it’s reasonable for patients to seek specialized care here.

#1 for Medical Conferences

Las Vegas leads the nation as the top spot for medical conferences, ranked number one by the Healthcare and Convention and Exhibitors Association. To meet the needs of conference attendees, several skill training facilities have been established, including the Medical Education and Research Institute of Nevada, the MedCure Surgical Training Center, LVI Dental’s Center for Advanced Professional Education and the 66,000 square foot Oquendo Center, the second largest bioskills lab in the nation. Students at UNLV are even studying the medical tourism industry at large, pinpointing populations Las Vegas might serve and how local spas and wellness centers can be tapped to provide healthy lifestyle and preventative care resources.

Medical supply and equipment manufacturers can get in early on this growing market by partnering with labs and training facilities who provide medical courses and meetings. Conference coordinators can continue to take advantage of Las Vegas as a popular destination and growing research and treatment center. Since local doctors won’t have to travel, conferences and meetings held in Vegas will provide the opportunity to connect with colleagues without ever having to pack a bag.

Las Vegas may be considered Sin City, but in the not too distant future it could be as well known as a place people go to renew, repair and restore. For more information on Las Vegas medical meeting facility, contact the Oquendo Center today.

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