What Makes a Good Event Venue?

What goes into the making of a great event venue? A combination of factors play large roles in choosing the right venue for a CME conference or similar event, as inadequate venues can result in lasting damage to a conference’s reputation. This includes how many attendees will return the following year. With the goal of making the event as memorable as possible, here are a few important factors to consider when choosing a venue for an event.

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A prime location is essential when choosing an event venue. The type of venue chosen depends on the event itself; however, there are factors that play a role no matter what type of event is being held. For example, knowing the size of the event is necessary in determining which venue to use. Space requirements are usually the first thing event organizers determine when looking at venues, so be sure to find a space that works for your event.

After figuring out such requirements, the next step is to consider the location itself. A good example is a venue that piques the interest of regional, national and international attendees, and can accommodate as needed. Venues that are easily accessible, found in destinations such as Las Vegas or other metropolitan areas and places with lots of transportation options are ideal. The venue also needs to reflect the tone of the event, giving attendees the right impression that will last long after the event is over.


Another important factor when choosing an event venue is how the space utilizes current technology. The “mobile workforce” continues to gain momentum, with many utilizing their phones and similar devices for conference calls, sending important documents, emails and much, much more. This means that a venue well equipped with quality Wi-Fi is very important, as are features such as video conferencing facilities and social media packages. Organizers who offer these things will undoubtedly see a spike in attendance.

Service, Service, Service

Finally, quality service and feedback is necessary when choosing an event venue. Customers often note that how they are treated and taken care of is what makes an event worth talking about. This is best accomplished through venues working closely with organizers through every stage of the process. Think about custom room requirements, special menus for those with dietary restrictions, specialists that work with AV equipment and anything else that makes up quality service to guarantee success at your next event.

In addition to unmatched customer service, organizers must look for a venue that is upfront about pricing and won’t sneak in fees and other hidden costs. Organizers should look for a venue that can provide plenty of reassurance as to the final cost of the event.

A quality event organizer will use all of these factors as a checklist in the search for the ideal event venue. While a lot of work must go into any conference or similar event, the payoff for all that work put in is well worth the effort. For more information on a Las Vegas medical meeting facility, contact the Oquendo Center today.

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