Our state-of-the-art clinical hands-on training facility for veterinarians.

A wide range of veterinary events are regularly hosted at the Oquendo Center, including hands-on labs, lectures, workshops, symposiums and demonstrations. All of our multi-purpose rooms are configurable with either closed (soundproof) or open air walls. Additionally, we are able to accommodate 12 fully-equipped stations in our surgery suite, allowing for a more unified, hands-on learning experience.

The Oquendo Center also boasts an ultramodern auditorium with a personal desk and electrical outlet for each of its 190 seats. This spacious room features interactive pen display technology, allowing the audience to closely view and follow each step. What’s more, the same presentation can be viewed simultaneously in various other rooms throughout the building, as well as other room activities (surgical techniques or demonstrations) can be viewed by an audience of 190 in the auditorium.

Yet another benefit is the built-in A/V capability – all rooms including the auditorium are already fully equipped, saving both the time and money normally incurred from a third party solution. As an added bonus, free wireless Internet service runs throughout the facility. The Oquendo Center is the perfect place for any veterinary event. To hold your own event here, please contact Crystal Vaquera at 702.443.9247 or by email at c.vaquera@wvc.org.

To be considered as a future instructor, please contact Janis Knoetzel at 702.739.6420 or email her at j.knoetzel@wvc.org.

High-Tech Onsite Equipment
  • Bovie Electrosurgicial Generator
  • C-Arm
  • Endoscopy Tower
  • Lead Apron
  • Portable Suction
  • Power Tools
  • Scrubs
  • Ventilators
  • + More


Year-round, hands-on training held at the Oquendo Center.

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At the Oquendo Center, we don’t follow the “a la carte” method for the smaller items you may need for an event. For that reason, we provide A/V, scrubs, PPE, and basic instrumentation for your veterinary event.

  • Assistance with tissue procurement
  • Transportation arrangements
  • Hotel recommendations
  • Assistance with catering needs