Want to Sell to Doctors and Hospitals? Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

It’s no secret that consumers use the Internet to research products and services before buying them, and the doctors, IT directors, and hospital representatives buying medical devices in a business to business environment are no different. A recent report surveying 749 hospitals indicated that B2B buyers now navigate over half of their purchase cycle by themselves, before they ever contact a sales representative. In this stage, they are researching information, comparing options and products, and estimating costs—all without any input from you. Here are some of the highlights medical manufacturers can take away from this study.

doctor at computer

Mobile Friendly Matters

Doctors and hospital representatives rarely remain stationed in one spot during the work day and often rely on their mobile devices for quick research or information. Oftentimes doctors or hospital employees will do some quick, preliminary research on their mobile devices with the intention of taking a more in depth look later on a desktop computer. Having an interface that is seamless across all devices allows you to take advantage of this. It’s also a good idea to add a feature for browsers to email themselves a link to your page for when they return to their desktop device.

Video Trumps Text

A textual description of how your medical device works is an important reference for buyers, but to really capture their attention and express the effectiveness of your device, nothing beats a short video. Virtually every medical device customer surveyed indicated that they watched videos to see product demonstrations. Most importantly, the vast majority of potential buyers continue to the manufacturer’s website for more information after watching videos.

Be sure to include videos not only of how the product works, but where it would ideally be positioned in the room, and how it affects the entire team interacting with it. If you’ve hosted, or are planning on hosting, continuing medical education courses or other training courses, this would be a great time to get video footage of your equipment in a hospital room setting.

Be Searchable

No matter how effective your medical device, if customers cannot easily find your website you will have a difficult time leveraging your web presence into sales. This means optimizing your site with the best possible keywords so that it appears on the first page during a search.

Track Your Success

While it’s ideal to get concrete figures to measure your website’s conversion, keep in mind that your site can generate leads in many different ways. Consumers often reach out for more information based on website content, but not necessarily through web based contact forms. Therefore, it is a good idea to install website visitor tracking to get a better idea of how users are interacting with your site.

Follow Up Post Sale

Closing a deal is great, but gaining a lasting relationship is even better. Consider offering training videos or even live chat support services for your customers after a purchase. This will help you foster a valuable relationship and create brand loyalty when the need for upgrades or additional supplies arises.

By focusing on the right areas, you can turn your website into one of your best sales tools. For more information about finding a staffed Las Vegas medical meeting facility, contact the Oquendo Center at 866.800.7326.